Keewaytinook Okimakanak Board of Education

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Safe Sober Site

The Safe Sober Site is available for students aged 13-21 who need safe and supervised detoxification and stabilization. Thunder Bay Safe Sober Site has flourished since 2018, and Sioux Lookout Safe Sober Site recently opened in May 2023. As per Recommendation #114 of the Seven Youth Inquest, there has been an identification need for an alternative detoxification facility that would provide the proper supports and supervision for any youth who may be struggling with alcohol/substance misuse.


To provide individualized sobering support to First Nation youth (age 13- 21), in a safe and homelike environment using harm reduction strategies. Vision Statement: To provide knowledge to youth in a secure and supportive atmosphere so that they can make healthy decisions and healthier transitions for themselves.

 As per recommendation #114 of the Inquest into the death of seven First Nation Youth (2016), there has been a need identified for an alternate detoxification facility in the city of Sioux Lookout that would provide supports and supervision for any youth who may be struggling with substance misuse. 


The Addiction Crisis worker will visit the student 24-48 hours after the intake. The student will do a follow-up process, which can include referrals if requested. The Addictions Crisis worker works with the Well-Being team and Student Services to ensure the student has support.

KOBE oversees day-to-day operations of the facility, called the Safe Sober Site.